Korean War Memorials - Castlebar

Ireland – Castlebar, Mayo

Ireland, unlike Northern Ireland, was not part of the United Kingdom and not among the United Nations countries that contributed in the Korean War. However, many Irish men who immigrated to the United States volunteered to fight in Korea.

While there is no accurate count of the total number of Irishmen who fought in the war among the British and U.N. forces, there were 159 Irish casualties, including 21 Irish immigrants who fought in the U.S. Armed Forces. Seven Irish Columban priests and an Anglican nun, Sister Mary Clare Witty, also died during the conflict.

The memorial in Mayo County is located at the center of Castlebar, fronting the old town cemetery. It is a Peace Park built to remember a forgotten generation of heroic local people from every town and village of the county, including those who bravely fought in the Korean War as part of the U.S. Armed Forces.