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Yoona Kim

Thank you very much for your sacrifice. I deeply admire your courage to fight for freedom.

Jane Martin

I am very grateful and humbled by the service and sacrifice that so many have made to protect and maintain the freedoms that we enjoy today.

Walter Whitman

Walterbwas my grandfather, and he made the ultimate sacrifice. His remains were never recovered. Never forgotten!

Frederick Giroux

Frederick J Giroux is my father. I was born in August,1950, he volunteered to serve in Korea after serving honorably in WWII, awarded the DSC by General Patton. He was captured in November near Unsan and died as a POW in April, 1951. I am very proud of him and wish I’d had the opportunity to know him.

Charles Yager

Thank you for serving our country dad

George Simoni

Thank you dad I miss you so

EVERYDAY I bring awareness to our POW MIA

Harold Whitener

I would like to honor my dad, Harold Whitener, 25th Infantry division 35 regiment, served in Korea from January 1951 to 1953. A Browning automatic rifleman and purple heart recipient, 3 bronze battle stars. To him and all his buddies that didn’t make it home, they will never be forgotten, without real men freedom will always be in jeopardy, they were men that answered the call…🇺🇸🇰🇷

Charles Sizemore

I didn’t get to meet my Uncle “Buddy” Charles Edward Sizemore. He was killed 5 years before I was born. But my Daddy talked about him all the time. He was in the family band before he joined the Army. He was a very talented musician. Very loved by his family and friends. Love you Uncle Buddy.

John Karamanian

My father was a B-29 pilot in the Korean War. He flew his missions from Okinawa. Shortly before he died in 2016, he and I spoke about the challenges with his service in the Korean War. He and has fellow pilots went in the air knowing that MIGs were around them. He did his service quietly and honorably. I took a photo of his medals for his service in Korea and would be happy to share the photo with anyone, although he quietly kept his medals tucked away.

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