South Korea – US – Battle of Bloody Ridge

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    Memorial Site

    The memorial located in Yanggu is dedicated to United Nations Forces who fought in the Korean War.

    The Battle of Bloody Ridge took place west of the Punchbowl from August to September of 1951, and this was followed by the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge northwest of the Punchbowl between September–October 1951.

    The Battle of the Punchbowl was one of the last battles of the movement phase of the Korean War. Following the breakdown of armistice negotiations in August 1951, the United Nations Command decided to launch a limited offensive in the late summer/early autumn to shorten and straighten sections of their lines, acquire better defensive terrain, and deny the enemy key vantage points from which they could observe and target U.N. positions.

    At the end of the U.N. offensive in October 1951, U.N. Forces controlled the line of hills north of the Punchbowl.