South Korea – US – Daejon Region Victory

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Memorial Site

This memorial located in Daejeon is dedicated to the U.S. soldiers who fought in the Battle of Daejeon. This battle was one of the earliest in the Korean War— taking place between July 14–21, 1950. During this battle, the entire 24th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army made a final stand before retreating after three days of intense fighting.

While initially pushed back by the North Korean Army, the 24th ID was able to gain a strategic victory by stalling the North Koreans and allowing other divisions to establish a defensive perimeter around Busan.

Out of the 11,400 infantry and support personnel, 922 were killed, 228 were wounded, and 2,400 were taken as prisoners of war, including the 24th ID’s commander, Major General William F. Dean.