10/13 Pago Pago, American Samoa (10)

>> My name is Roy Laulusa. I’m a retired veteran. My dad passed away, and he was a World War II and a Korean veteran. His name is Tumu Pili Laulusa, and my second-to-the-oldest brother, he was a Korean veteran too. His name is Tumu Laulusa Jr., so we all, including myself, I had two tours. My first tour in Korea in ’72 to ’74. I was stationed in Daegu. My second tour of Korea, I was up at the DMZ from 1988 right after [INAUDIBLE] to 1990. I was over there. In my job in the Army, I was a weatherman in the Army. I support the Army live-fire place up there at the DMZ, and that’s our mission is fly weather balloon, so any time they want to fire live fire, we’ll be able to tell them what the weather is and everything, so I’m very proud to be a part of the veteran that served in Korea. I thank the Korean people for their hospitality and the custom I learned from Korea. Even over here in American Samoa, we have some Korean too, and they are very good people. Thank you to the Korean people.

>> Your father, what division, infantry, when did he serve? What year?

>> He was in … I don’t know what division, but he was in the Marine Corps. He was over there during the Korean War.

>> What year?

>> He was over there 1950. I think he deployed to Korea somewhere around August in 1950. He came back 1952. That’s when he came back. We were in Hawaii. Then he returned from over there. My older brother, when in Korea, is in the Air Force. He was over there too in 1950 to 1953.

>> Your older brother?

>> My older brother named Tumu.

>> He was there in 1950?

>> 1950, the later part of 1950.

>> But your father was there too.

>> My father was there.

>> Your father and your brother was there at the same time?

>> Yes, yes.

>> How is that possible?

>> I don’t know. Like me, when I went to touch the stone, me and …

>> How old was your father, and how old your brother?

>> My father was around … my father … my brother was around about … Because he’s 94 years old. Yeah. My brother is 94.

>> My father was probably, he was in the late 40 or roughly in the 50.

>> During the Korean War.

>> During the Korean War.

>> So he was older.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Oh.

>> He was a old man.

>> Oh, my god, and he went to go to Korea when he was old? He was a officer?

>> He was a Marine, regular Marine, with a bayonet and a gun.

>> But he was over 40 years old?

>> He was over 40 years old.

>> And he went to serve …

>> Yes.

>> … with 19 years old?

>> With the 19-year-old people.

>> The military accepted him?

>> That’s why they had to let him go. When he came back, they told him, “You got to retire.”

>> Oh, my goodness, because he was a World War II veteran too.

>> He was a World War II veteran.

>> Amazing. Wow. Can you spell your father’s name for us?

>> It’s … His name, his first name is Tumu, T, U, M, U, last name Pili, P, I, L, I, Laulusa, L, A, U, L, U, S, A.

>> And your brother’s name?

>> My brother’s name is Tumu too, T, U, M, U, last name Laulusa, L, A, U, L, U, S, A, too.

>> Amazing. Thank you to all three for your service.

>> Thank you. Even right now, my whole … All my niece and nephew, most of them they serve in the military …

>> Amazing.

>> … different branch, but they serve in. I know two of my niece that they both serve Korea.

>> Amazing. Thank you so much.

>> Thank you. Thank God, that’s the most thing.

>> Thank God.

>> Thank God for the blessing and for looking after us.