10/13 Pago Pago, American Samoa (6)

>> Hi. My name is [INAUDIBLE] from American Samoa.

>> Louder.

>> I retired from the US Army after serving 30 years. I’m a lieutenant colonel, and being in the military has been a great privilege for me to serve the country and also here in American Samoa. I’m here to let you know that when the people coming from the states looking for Samoan who have served in the Korean Way, as my half brother was in Korean Way. His name is [INAUDIBLE], and he’s passed away last 3 years, but he was born and raised here in American Samoa, and then he went to … He joined the Korean War, but I think he did not retire, but he was.

>> When did he serve in Korea?

>> I cannot set the date, but I’ve seen his pictures.

>> What does it mean for you that he served in Korea and you served in the Army too?

>> It means that he has been very pro military, and when I joined the Army, I think he’s done a great decision serving the country not here in American Samoa, but the USA, and I remember when we have a conversation with him. He was telling me when he was in the Korean Way, he showed me his pictures up in the mountain in Korea. I was surprised to know that he was indeed pro military, and he loved the time that he spent in Korean during the Korean Way.

>> So he remembered it with positive, good memory?

>> Yeah. It was a good memory, but the last few years he was in the Maryland, so he passed away was he Virginia, state of Virginia, and so I can tell him …

>> But I’m so glad …

>> … he’s older. He’s older than me.

>> I’m so glad you’re here to honor his memory.

>> Oh, yes. I do respect him and the right decision that he did make serving our people, not only American Samoa, but in the USA, entire USA. As you know, what’s going on in the military and other countries in the war, some people are afraid to join the military because maybe they will get killed when they go in the military, but anywhere you go whether it be a civilian or in the military, you never know when you’re going to go away, when you’re going to pass away, but he did serve the USA and the US military, and I honor him, and I do respect … Not including my brother, but all Samoan people he served, not only Samoan, but all the USA people who he did serve through that particular time.

>> And you too.

>> Okay.

>> And you too.

>> Thank you very much for the opportunity …

>> And thank you for your service.

>> … to hear some of the words of my brother who served Korean War [INAUDIBLE].

>> And thank you.