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>> My name is Victor Fini. I served in Korea. I went over in 1952. I was there from 1952 to 1953. I was there approximately 14 months. I was a replacement from a first battalion, and I landed in Busan. That’s the first place we landed in, and before I got there, we sailed from Seattle, Washington, and that’s where we landed, in Busan. And then from Busan, we went up to the front at that time. We went up in freight cars. [INAUDIBLE] when I went over there, I was in advance party, which was 65 [INAUDIBLE] it was very rough going over there early. An awful lot of them got seasick from the water. The ocean was just up and down, like a bubble. And we went up, up in the front, we were up there for about 2 months, and then the rainy season started. And when the rainy season started, we moved. That’s when we moved back to Incheon for approximately 2 weeks. Then after the 2 weeks, then we went back up to the front again, and from then, I was up there until September of 19 … in ’52, and then I a transferred to transport, and then in transport, I was … My job was, at that time, was driving a cadre around, and we had to go up to the front every so many days to see if there was … How the troops were doing and which I’d lose someone while I was up there. And whatever else you want to know, I lived in it. For what we had to live in there at that time, I always kid people and say it was like a motel, but what it is is a square hole in the ground, 6-by-6, and there was an awful lot of rats in that part of the country at that time, and also, I seen where we was, and when we had to go up there, the roads were very dusty, and they would see you, enemy would see you coming, and they would try to knock you off with … They see the dust, and then they try the mortar and see if they can they can knock you off. By the grace of God, I was always safe, and that’s my interview.

>> By the grace of God, you were protected, but thanks to you, here I am.

>> Thank you.