Turkey Ankara (1)

[FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> My name is Zeche Coral. >> My name is Zeche Coral. >> I am [INAUDIBLE] official of the Korean War. When I heard Korean War break out or broke out, I want to go to Korea War with my own wish. I applied to my commander, company commander, but unfortunately, he didn't accept my application. When he went to leave, I applied again to another secondary commander, and fortunately, my secondary commander accepted by application. Then I went to Korea. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> Why did he volunteer? [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> Korea was in a difficult situation and for their freedom, for the freedom of world, I wanted to fight in Korea to protect it. I was alone. I was not married, so I wanted to fight for the freedom of Korea and ... [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> It was ... My company was heavy weapons. I couldn't remember name of weapon to use against planes. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> There was a [INAUDIBLE] hill over there. I use my weapon against the planes, airplanes I mean, and we fought throughout night, until the morning. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> This ... [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> This was very strategically very important hill. That's why opposing forces tried to seize this hill, and we tried to seize this hill. It was very important hill. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> Because of the ... This hill can have about 5 meters down under the bullets. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> Opposing forces couldn't come to seize this hill, and also we couldn't [INAUDIBLE] to seize the hill. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> Namuch Arguch was the commander of the unit, Turkish battalion. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> He was the commander [INAUDIBLE], and unfortunately, one of the [INAUDIBLE] was murdered during this battle or during this conflict. His culture is in southern part of Turkey nowadays, and there is a park of this day. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> He was murdered over there. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> It was out on the front line. He was murdered, or he was lost his life during this conflict. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> He was over there too [INAUDIBLE]. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> We were stuck in our cable telephone system during that time. Unfortunately, we didn't have the communication [INAUDIBLE]. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> [INAUDIBLE] we established our cables, and we provide communication. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> Then we put up breaks, our communication, and our communication soldiers came and manned the system. We had these kind of difficulties for communication. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> Unfortunately, during that time, it was very crucial time, and other people running away ... [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> It was very bad time. I like Korea very much. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> When I went second time in the frame of a return program, it was really different, and Korea during war very bad, and I couldn't recognize. >> Recognize? >> Sorry? Recognize, or I couldn't believe this. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> In the frame of return program, I visit Korea second time. During that time, they hosted us at a five-star hotel, and they showed us all of Korea. I am really thankful. I was really pleased. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> During return program, there were different people in different countries like Greek, US or other people. [INAUDIBLE] Korean people, especially other people, so the Turkish black on our clothes, so they came and kissed us. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> There were Americans, American people and Belgium, but I am really thankful they came to us and hugged us and kissed us. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> I don't forget. I do not forget their interest to us. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> But I am really happy I served Korean War. >> Me too. I'm very happy too. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> And I am very thankful. Thank you. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]