Turkey Ankara (4)

>> Jay Detsuda. >> My name is Jay Detsuda. >> My name is Jay Detsuda [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I went to Korea in 1950. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I departed from İskenderun, one of the Turkish cities, departed from İskenderun and arrived in Korea within 23 days by ship. We traveled by ship. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I was a signal serviceman during the Korean War. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I took training about communication at the signal school in Ankara, and I was selected for the Turkish Brigade as a signal serviceman. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Thanks to my military service, I attained an occupation thanks to my training as a signal serviceman. I worked as a radio communication man up on the ships and the airports. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> When arrived in Korea, we stayed over a few days. Then we started to fight during the war. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Since we could look successful doing our work, then they sent us in the district area, the fort, and since they could look successful, they were sent to Manchuria. >> Manchuria. >> Manchuria area. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We arrived at the border, front line. We saw the real face of the war. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> At the front, we stayed between the two mountains or hills, and cannons [INAUDIBLE] were dropping around us, and we didn't fight face-to-face but inside of the war or the individual of the war. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I was a signal serviceman. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> There were the two steps. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We provided communications for the brigade. There were the two steps [INAUDIBLE] some of the information, first step. They submit the information. Second step. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> It was very hard. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We put our jacket or military uniform. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Without uniform to fight is not suitable, but since it was very hot, we had to take off our uniforms. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We needed water ... >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> ... at the headquarters. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> While I was able to ... >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> There was a streak while I was going to water. I saw a streak. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I informed my commander and said that there was mines, bombs in the area. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We had the connection with the commanders of headquarters because I was the signal serviceman. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Unfortunately, I am having a problem to remember. I have to remember. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We received a message. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> [INAUDIBLE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> For communication, there should be two people. One person should use the generator. Another person should use the radio. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I was ... >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> ... one ... >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I used the generator with my one hand, and I provide communication with my second hand. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> It was a very urgent message, so I passed this message to my commander. They needed weapons or support for the units or companies on the front line. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We stayed at table for a short time. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> The princeps of the war, taught us on the ship and on the ground whenever we arrived to Korea territory. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> I also participated in the Cyprus peace operation too in 1974. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Thank you so much. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Thank you. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >>