Turkey Ankara (7)

>> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> My name is [INAUDIBLE]. I am the president of Turkish War Veterans Association, and I am a retired [INAUDIBLE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Thank you very much for your interview with our Korean War veterans. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> They went to Korea and fought for the freedom of your country. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Twenty-one thousand two hundred and thiry-one Turkish soldiers participated in the Korean War in 1950. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We sent or Turkey sent 5,520 soldier to Korea to serve after the ceasefire. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Turkish soldiers stayed in Korea 21 years. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Eight hundred and ninety-two Turkish soldiers died during the Korean War. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Nowadays, 2,500 Korean War veterans are alive. They are living. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> They are proud and pleased to fight for your country. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Some of the Korean war veterans, Turkish Korean War veterans, took the word Korea as a last name, like [INAUDIBLE] or [INAUDIBLE] son of Korea. They took as a last name. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> One of the Korean War veteran's daughter's name is [INAUDIBLE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Some of the Korean War veterans' business office name is [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] means from Korea or Korea. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Our soldiers fought in Korea as a hero. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> During the fight, changed the fate of Korean War. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Heroism means to die whenever it is required. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We fought against the Chinese forces in Korea. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Two hundred and thirty-four Turkish soldiers were prisoner. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Almost all of them, 234 Turkish soldiers, returned to their country [INAUDIBLE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> During the Korean War, Korea was in poverty, very poor. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Turkish soldiers shared their food with the Korean people during the Korean War. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> They opened the [INAUDIBLE] for the orphans for the children that lost their father and mothers. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Turkish people learned Korean after the Korean War. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Turkish people like Korean people very much. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Nowadays, today Korea is a real rich country. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Since Korea is a rich country, Korean War veterans are very happy to see it's a rich country. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> Korean government respect shows what we're feeling towards our Korean veterans. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We like Korea, and we continue to like Korea. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> We know that North Korea is a real threat for the world peace for the region, and we wish and hope that North and South Korea will be united, will be one country. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. >> [FOREIGN LANGUAGE].