South Korea – Canada (Kapyoung)

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    Memorial Site

    This memorial located in Kapyong is dedicated to the Canadians who fought in the Korean War. Canada sent Army Special Forces, eight destroyers, aircraft transport, supply and logistics support. Canada’s objective was to send military support towards the resolution of the war at the central front, which was central Korea.

    The Battle of Kapyong was a key battle fought by the Canadians. In late April 1951, the retreating Chinese and North Korean forces regrouped and counter-attacked the South Korean forces who were overwhelmed and hurriedly fell back. The 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade—along with its Canadian contingent—was called up from reserve to the Kapyong Valley to cover this desperate retreat.

    In this battle alone, ten Canadian soldiers were killed and 23 were wounded. In total, 26,000 Canadians served in Korea and 516 were killed.