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This memorial located in Busan is dedicated to the five nations that provided medical aid in the Korean War. These five nations include Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and India.
The Danish borrowed a private ship and transformed it into a hospital ship named MS Jutlandia. In the 999 days of her service in the Korean War, MS Jutlandia’s hospital cared for 4,981 wounded Allied soldiers from 24 different nations and 6,000 Korean civilians. It was able to save all its patients except for 29 individuals.

Norway sent its field hospital, NORMASH, which treated more than 90,000 patients, of whom 14,755 were hospitalized. Nearly 10,000 medical operations were conducted, and NORMASH treated the most severe battle wounds as it was situated closest to the front lines. Three Norwegians died during their volunteer service in Korea.

Sweden provided the Swedish Red Cross Field Hospital and took part in the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission. By the end of the war, Sweden had provided 600 beds staffed by 174 doctors and nurses at any one time. 1,124 Swedish men and women served in the hospital, and they treated 19,100 United Nations personnel and 2,400 Korean personnel.

India sent the 60th Parachute Field Ambulance Unit, whose members were both paratroopers and medical officers. This unit comprised 346 men, including 4 combat surgeons, 2 anesthesiologists, and a dentist. The 60 PFA arrived in Korea in November 1950 and stayed in Korea for four years. One unit provided most urgent care before sending patients to NORMASH, and another unit assisted civilian hospitals in Daegu.