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This memorial located in Hoengseon is dedicated to the Dutch who fought in the Korean War. The Dutch, who were historically famous for their warships, deployed their Navy destroyer HNLMS Evertsen from July 1950 to January 1955 with a total of 1,350 Netherlands navy personnel. The Dutch also sent the NDVN (Netherlands Detachment United Nations), made up of only volunteer soldiers, who were attached to the U.S. 8th Army.

The NDVN saw its most important action in Hoengseon Valley in February 1951, when it was attacked by Chinese volunteer soldiers disguised as regular South Korean soldiers. Although casualties were high, the NDVN was able to defend the valley until the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division (2ID) completed their retreat. The NDVN was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation by U.S. President Harry S. Truman for their actions at Hoengseon Valley. The NDVN stayed in Korea until October 1954.

A total of 5,322 Dutch soldiers (attached to the 2ID) fought in the Korean War, suffering 768 casualties in total. Of these 768 casualties, 120 men—including two naval soldiers—were killed, 381 men were wounded, 3 men were missing, and 264 men were wounded in noncombat mission.

The inscription on the memorial reads: “Valiant fighters, who acted in the spirit of the Prince of Orange and were filled with loyalty, 768 of them fell or were wounded in the struggle against the red invaders to their determined fight this monument is dedicated.”