South Korea – Belgium, Luxembourg

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    Memorial Site

    This memorial located in Dongducheon is dedicated to Belgians and Luxembourgers who fought in the Korean War. The area encompasses some of their key battle sites.

    The Belgian United Nations Command (B.U.N.C.), also known as the Belgian Volunteer Corps for Korea or the “Brown Berets”, is the name given to the Belgian-Luxembourgish military force deployed to South Korea to fight in the Korean War. The battalion served in Korea between 1951 and August 1955, staying in Korea even after the signing of the armistice.

    Out of 3,172 Belgian soldiers who fought in Korea, 101 died, 500 were wounded, and two went missing. Out of the 85 Luxembourgers who served in the war, two were killed in action, and thirteen were wounded. The Korean War was the only war Luxembourgish forces fought as an army.