Korean War Memorials - Maji-ri

South Korea – UK – Battle of the Imjin River

The memorial tucked inside a serene forest in Paju is dedicated to the selfless heroes who lost their lives in the Battle of the Imjin River, also known as the Gloster Hill. This battle remains as the bloodiest battle fought by the British Forces since World War II.

Between April 22-25, 1951, the British courageously fought against the opposing Chinese forces. The 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment held off the Chinese Spring Offensive 35 miles from the South Korean capital Seoul. With only 650 soldiers, supported by Royal Artillery and a Belgian contingent, the 1st Battalion halted the invading Chinese force of 27,000 against overwhelming odds for 3 days. The Gloucestershire Regiment inflicted an estimated 10,000 Chinese casualties. Only 40 men from 650 escaped the hill.

By the time it was all over, casualties included 141 British soldiers killed and 1,169 wounded, missing or captured.