South Korea – Philippines – Battle of Yuldong-ri

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    This memorial located in Yeoncheon is dedicated to the Filipino soldiers. The Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK) was the third United Nations Command (UNC) ground combat unit to enter the Korean War, after those of the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Between 1950–53, approximately 7,500 Filipino soldiers fought in the Korean War, of which 116 were killed. One of the most honorable Filipino military victories was the Battle of Yuldong in April 1951, where 900 men of the 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT) were surrounded by a 40,000-strong Chinese force. The 10th BCT refused to retreat and persevered, blunting the Chinese offensive. 15 brave soldiers were killed, dozens wounded, and 14 were missing in action.

    Their gallant actions prevented what could have been a total defeat to the UNC. For their bravery, the 10th BCT became known as the “Fighting Filipinos.”